Resourcefully providing solutions to property owners with unique issues is the mission and guiding principle of Beagle. The company, founded by Dan and Cindy Sicchio, not only gives property owners reasonable options to difficult situations, they assist in getting distressed property owners on the path to living the lifestyle they deserve.

Backed by nearly two decades of success in real estate investing and management, the team’s in-depth understanding of all the business aspects of  real estate is a valuable resource. Operating through the booming market highs and devastating lows witnessed over the last 20 years allowed the company to learn firsthand market behavior and the potential effects it has on property owners in every market. 

Dan Sicchio & Bailey, the Beagle

Dan, a local real estate broker, started purchasing real estate in 2004 and he owns several rental real estate companies in Brevard County, Florida. His years of experience make him uniquely qualified to handle a multitude of situations. He knows how stressful selling a home can be and he prides himself on being a trusted advisor. He adeptly navigates the process, leading to a fast and seamless transaction. His attention to detail and ability to see opportunity where others do not often result in him making higher offers for properties than his competition. 

Cindy Sicchio

Cindy began her professional career as an IT solution provider with a Fortune 500 company. Even though she achieved success early on, she decided to change careers and pursue her true passion, real estate. Her corporate experience, dealing with high-stress and urgent situations, gave her the ability to troubleshoot complex issues with patience while maintaining her professional composure. This skill translated perfectly to her real estate business as she can listen with an empathic ear and present actionable solutions. No matter what is thrown her way, she has the resilience and tenacity to resolve any complex real estate problem. 

Dan and Cindy’s experience and specialized skills allow them to assist property owners in a variety of circumstances. The high cost of repairs, commissions, and time constraints of selling through a realtor can seem overwhelming to many and may not be the most cost-effective. In some situations, sellers face more serious problems such as receiving a code enforcement letter, bankruptcy, probate, foreclosure, past-due property taxes, incarceration, health concerns, or a sudden need to relocate. As Dan and Cindy know, each property is as unique as the person occupying it and there is not a single solution fit for every situation. 

Employing innovative approaches and a number of buying strategies, Beagle sees value where other investors cannot and they have the ability to act upon it. Unlike companies that make low cash offers and give empty promises of a quick closing, Beagle has a proven track record of making reasonable offers while adhering to its mission and maintaining its integrity. 

Dan and Cindy chose to name their company Beagle as beagles are resourceful, smart, eager to please and, above all, loyal. The traits of the cherished breed are an inspiration to the team and serve as a model of they want to be remembered by those they conduct business with.   

If you have any questions about how we work, our process of buying/selling, are looking for ways to avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

Dan, Cindy, their wonderful boys Dylan, Weston, & Oliver and their beloved Beagle, Bailey.

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